Pre Conference workshop on "Introduction to Deep Learning and its Applications"

Date & Time: 2018 September 13th , 8.30AM to 2.00PM

Venue: Advanced Resource Centre, RSET

Resource Person

Dr. Kumar Rajamani

Manager (Technical)

Robert Bosch Engineering and Business Solutions

Profile :

Prior to joining Bosch he spent three years at GE Global Research (GRC), with the Medical Image Analysis lab. He was primarily involved in quantitative imaging of cancer. Earlier to GE, Kumar was Senior Scientist at Philips Research and Head of IT-Department at Amrita University. His research focus includes Medical Image Analysis, Health care technologies for emerging markets. He has nine patents filings. Kumar completed his Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering from University of Bern, Switzerland.

Pre Conference workshop on Structured Learning Using Deep Networks


Deep learning is a game changing paradigm, shattering the performance records
of the predecessor learning methods by a margin and almost producing human level accuracy in many tasks, especially those involving visual recognition. The ubiquitous characteristic of deep learning models is the ability to engineer features from data by themselves. But these features referred to as representations may not be interpretable or insightful of the underlying stastistical structure of data. This can result in ignoring contextual information, which is crucial in addressing certian tasks like semantic image segmentation. Probabilistic graphical models offer tools to build description of structured data, where the random variables involved are assumed to be inter-related. But it is constrained by rigid assumptions and may require significant feature engineering. Composing the two offers best of the two worlds and will give us a powerful tool to build flexible features for modeling structured data. This composite approach has applicaitons in image processing tasks like semantic image segmentation and recognition.

Organization of the session

The session is oragnized into two parts. The first part is for the theoretical details and second one is planned as a practical one which gives demos and explanation of the implementation of the algorithms presented in part I. Both parts are expected to take around two hours.

Date & Time: 2018 September 13th , 8.30AM to 2.00PM
Venue: Sunya Labs, RSET

Contact:7907 799 257(Sona C.P), 9995 406 760(Joish George)

Mr. Vinith R did his BTech in Compute Science from Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Technology, Kottayam and MTech from Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham, Ettimadai, Coimbatore. His PhD is in computer science from National Institute of Technology Calicut. He has served NITC, department of computer science as a faculty for almost three and a half years, during which period he has been resource person for Faculty Development Programs in many colleges across Kerala. He is in the roll list of Jyothi Engineering College since May 2018.

Venue: Sunya Labs, RSET
Contact: 9995 406 760(Joish George), 7907 799 257(Sona C.P)